KOY BOREY, Executive Director

Mr. Koy Borey is one of the founders of MEDIA One and serves as its Executive Director. Borey is a specialist in project management with over ten years of experience working on project planning, monitoring, evaluation and financial oversight. He has had experience working on and managing projects for high profile donors including the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the European Union (EU) the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Bank. Borey has a Master’s of Business Administration in Project Management from Cambodian Mekong University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science & Information Technology from Build Bright University.


Mr. Son Siveth has been with MEDIA One since October 2017 as an Advisor of the Organization. His current works involve in advising media impact for social change through direct community engagement (leadership training, capacity building training, roundtable discussion, listening and dialogue group), media production (variety of indigenous language content production, feedback voice from listening group and feedback from social media) and media distribution (TV, radio, filming, mobile theater performance, social media and inactive voice responses). He also advises on management of organizational structure, program and project operations including project M&E versus financial matters and business development.

Prior to this position, he worked for IRD-Cambodia as the Country Representative/Program Manager since December 3, 2014 until August 2017. He also worked with IRD as a Program Manager since May, 2006. He managed USDA Food for Progress from 2006-2008, the USAID Food for Peace 2008-2009, the USDA Local and Regional Procurement project from 2010-2011, manages the USDA Food for Education project, ongoing from 2008 to August 2017. These previous programs require management of thousands of tons of imported food commodities for the purpose of providing tens of thousands of schoolchildren in Cambodia with a nutritious meal through school feeding activities. He has also managed various water projects with Latter Day Saints Charities.

Prior to working with MEDIA One, Mr. Son Siveth was a board director for NGO Forum from 2003-2005, and has been a board director for Rain Water Cambodia since 2008. He worked with Lutheran World Federation from 1996-2006 as a Project Manager for rural water supplies, integrated rural development, and as a Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator. He made several proposals for EU-funded projects. He was also a Director at the National Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in the Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Animal Health and Production from 1980-1995.

Mr. Son Siveth holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Preston University in Cambodia, which is affiliated with the US and Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Health and Production from Royal University of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery. He speaks English, French, Spanish, and native Khmer. In addition to an MBA and BA, he has participated in numerous short courses in the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Philippines, and Thailand, as well as attended many workshops and conferences in those countries as well as the US, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Laos and Vietnam.

TONN KUNTHEL, Program Manager

Mr. Tonn Kunthel has over ten years of experience managing successful development programs. He is responsible for overseeing all community outreach and engagement activities, designing responsive and creative project implementation approaches, and ensuring high quality donor reports and deliverables. Before joining MEDIA One, Kunthel served as Project Manager for notable organizations including Saving Cambodia’s Wildlife and the NGO Forum on Cambodia. Kunthel holds a Master’s Degree in Development Management from Norton University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the National Institute of Management.

MIK SAPHANARA, Project Coordinator

Mr. Mik Saphanara, B.A, have more than 15 years of experience in community engagement, outreach and Youth Reproductive Health Education and life skill training. Mr. Mik Saphanara currently serves as the Program Coordinator Consultant with Media for Education and Development in Action (MEDIA One), where he is responsible for managing field activities. Mr. Saphanara oversees the implementation of direct engagement activities that bring together various stakeholders and community through Community Reporters/Citizen Journalist (CRs/CJs) groups, Content Advisory Group (CAG) meeting, CRs/CJs training. He used to leads an MEDIA One team on mother and child health care project. Moreover, he also conducted trainings and counseling to various target people including indigenous people, Listening and Dialogue Group (LDG), Young Entertainers and MSM youths.

BUN YUN, Finance and Administrative Manager

Mr. Bun Yun joined the MEDIA One team as the Finance & Administrative Manager in September 2013. Yun has been working in the field of finance and administrative for over 15 years. Prior to joining MEDIA One, Yun oversaw the finance and administration departments of several other notable organizations including EveryChild-Cambodia, Equal Access Cambodia and World Education Cambodia.

KONG METH, Studio and Sound Technician

Mr. Kong Meth has over twelve years of audio/visual production and radio technical work, plus experience on a variety of media programs including sound editing and video production, and currently manages the production of all MEDIA One’s programs.

SY PARINHA, Producer

Mr. Sy Parinha is an experienced producer with over 20 years of professional experience. Before joining MEDIA One, Parinha worked as a radio producer and script writer for several high profile organizations including UNDP and UNESCO. In addition, he was also employed as a reporter, producer, editor and commentator on Radio UNTAC from December 1992-September 1993.

IENG TOUCH, Senior Program Officer

Ms. Ieng Touch is the Senior Program Officer for MEDIA One and is responsible for preparing MEDIA One project reports and supporting MEDIA One data collection and outreach activities. Prior to joining MEDIA One, Touch served as a Program Assistant with Equal Access Cambodia. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Sachak Asia Development Institution (SADI) and an Associate Degree in Business Administration from the Secondary Business School, Phnom Penh.

KONG YARA, Project Coordinator

Mr. Kong Yara, Project Coordinator, has extensive experience in SOGIE training, research, and facilitation. He is the former Executive Director at CamASEAN Youth’s Future working to advance marginalized people rights in Cambodia especially LGBTI rights. His experiences, commitment, LGBTI subject-area expertise, and strong tie to key project partners are an invaluable asset to the We Are the Same Project. In addition, he is the young champion to end violence against women from UN Women and the founder of Pannastra International Relations Assembly at Pannastra University of Cambodia to enhance expertise International Relation Major.