The Radio Program and Listening and Dialogue Group Leads Villager to Support and Promote Ecotourism in his Community

Mr. Bang Chour, 27, is a listening and dialogue group member in Tabok village, Ratanakiri province. Last year, his community’s first ecotourism resort was established. However, Bang Chour new little about the ecotourism resort and its significance because he was too busy farming in the field. He didn’t understand what the benefits of ecotourism were for his community.

However, after joining his community’s listening and dialogue group, Bang Chour began to appreciate the value of the ecotourism resort.

“I’ve listened to the radio program in a group with other villagers. The radio program taught me how to protect our community forest and why ecotourism is an important way for the community to improve its living standards, “ said Bang Chour.

“Before joining the group, I didn’t know about this, “continued Bang Chour. I didn’t know why an ecotourism resort was important. But, after listening, I now know that ecotourism is really good for my village and community. We have so many beautiful places in my community such as creeks, water falls, lakes, and trees. Listening to the radio program taught me that ecotourism helps us share the beauty of our community with others—while helping generate income and protecting our natural heritage, “ he concluded.

Bang Chour (sitting center in white T-shirt) participates in a listening and dialogue group meeting

After learning about the importance of ecotourism, Chour became an active member of his community’s Ecotourism Committee and is also helping to establish a second ecotourism resort.

“I am now helping my community to establish another ecotourism resort in an area with big trees and lots of birds and animals. I am building cottages for the resort and participating in all the planning meetings, “said Chour.

Chour is hopeful that the radio program will keep broadcasting in the future so that more people can adapt what they have learned to improve their community.