Profile of Sin Krum: An Active Listening and Dialogue Club Member

Sin Krum, 37, is a farmer in Ratanakiri province. Sin Krum first became introduced to the radio program, “My Community, My Natural Resources” by listening and dialogue club facilitator Pha-Da in April 2014. Since then, Sin Krum has attended almost all of the 18 bi-weekly listening and dialogue group meetings. He is proud to be a member of the club and believes that the club and radio program are very helpful.

“The radio program, “My Community, My Natural Resources,” is very good. We have never had a program like this in our community before. Before the program, local villagers knew nothing about natural resource management and there was no information provided about this topic. Before when I used to listen to the radio, there were no educational programs,” he said.

Thanks to the program, Sin Krum learned a lot of valuable information about natural resource management.

“At first,” Sin Krum continued, “I didn’t know what to expect from the program. However, I am not very thankful that I became exposed to the program because it is extremely useful. I have learned about many important topics such as forest protection and the consequences of deforestation. Deforestation leads to hot weather, storms, flooding and drought. I never knew this before,” Sin Krum exclaimed.

“Also, I now know the environmental impact that the dam has on the river running through my village. The dam makes the river water dirty and also causes viruses and diarrhea. I had never heard about this,“ he added.

After listening to each episode, Sin Krum also shared and promoted what he has learned with other members of his community. He wanted community members to learn about the importance of preserving forests and rivers. In addition, he also encouraged fellow villagers to help participate in natural resource protection.

“I have told all of my friends about the program and encouraged them to join the listening and dialogue group. I explained to them that there will be many challenges for our community if we do not work to preserve the remaining forests. If we fail to protect the forest that we have; there will be storms, floods and climate change. Our livelihoods will be destroyed, “said Sin Krum

Sin Krum, far left, with fellow members of his listening and dialogue club

In the future, Sin Krum is hopeful that programs about natural resource management will continue to be available on the radio. “The program is so important—especially for the younger generation. I want everyone to listen to the program. With the knowledge provided, our community will become stronger and become prosperous,” Sin Krum concluded.