MEDIA One was registered as an independent non-governmental organization with the Ministry of Interior in January 2012 and commenced full time operations in April 2012. The organization was founded on the belief that sustainable and equitable development requires open dialogue between all sectors of society. Its slogan—Many Voices, One Cambodia—reflects MEDIA One’s vision of a Cambodia where all voices are respected and equal access to information connects and empowers communities to lead happy, healthy and prosperous lives.

MEDIA One draws on more than nine years of experience delivering high impact behavior change communication projects in Cambodia through the work of the Cambodia country program of Equal Access International —which localized as MEDIA One. MEDIA One creates customized media and outreach solutions that address the country’s most critical development challenges. Our extensive track record of successful projects have been recognized and supported by high-profile international donors including the United Nations (UN), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Bank.