MEDIA One’s experienced creative team specializes in creating innovative and needs-driven Khmer-language mass media campaigns, including branded radio and television programs and public service announcements. Producers and scriptwriters have years of experience creating radio, television, print, online, and mobile-phone content for a variety of audiences, young and old.

Programming is both educational and entertaining, appealing to listeners and viewers across the country. Our communications specialists pride themselves in designing the most effective formats to communicate and reinforce messages across multiple platforms, with a special emphasis placed on creating interactive and participatory content.

Our in-house multi-media production capabilities include:
Dramas, chat shows, features, magazine-style programs and public service

Dramas, features, talk-shows, documentaries, public service announcements and
training videos

Comic books, games, booklets, flip-charts, leaflets, posters and fliers

New Media
Social media and mobile platforms such as voice/text SMS and interactive voice
response (IVR)

Clients have included international organizations such as USAID, the United Nations and the World Bank; as well as local Cambodian NGOs and private-sector companies.